San Diego / May 2007

We came here to surf. This was really my first time exploring So Cal and I didn’t realize it wasn’t going to be very warm in May! I e-mailed a guy at Cheap Rentals on Mission beach to rent boards for the week and he ended up comping our entire purchase because I worked for a church as he was very involved in his. How amazing is that. He even took us to Old Man’s (Tourmaline) surf park for a lesson. I ended up booking our stay at a little dive called the Surfer Beach Hotel. This was early medical school shoestring budget paradise. We had a janky view of the ocean with some industrial rooftop pipes in the window and a lack of modern amenities but FREE cappuccinos all day in the lobby. Who could be unhappy with that?



Sunset Cliffs. It's not really a beach, but surrounded by nice houses and steep cliffs this is a great place to walk and watch surfers on the reef break.

Ocean Beach. Classic pier break that was too big for us that day, but we watched surfers and sea lions in the water while we ate on the pier cafe. Hip beach vibe in this little community.

Old Man’s (Tourmaline). I saw a lady who was about 65 shredding some waves here and it made me want to move to California. This is a well respected spot where you'll feel the love for the ocean from everyone on the beach.

La Jolla. I loved surfing here because there is plenty of space and it’s an easy beach to navigate with a sandy bottom. Looking up the hill at the beautiful houses and condos nearby isn’t a bad view, either.