La Buena Vida / Akumal, Mexico

Amazing vibes and fresh food. The floor of this restaurant is sand from the beach of Half Moon Bay so you can sink your toes in while you munch on some tableside chips and guac. The bar has swings to sit on! Wait 20 minutes after you eat, and then get in the water and do some snorkeling. It's a fantastic snorkel spot. They have local entertainment rolling in and out everyday, and this is really one of those places that makes you want to quit your day job and open an eatery on the beach. The salsa has some really good kick to it, and you get your coke in the bottle.




Lola's / Guanacaste, Costa Rica

On Playa Avellenas, this is potentially the greatest beachside eatery I've been to on the planet thus far. The food is good, the vibe unmatched and the surf break provides free entertainment. You feel like a celebrity here. It's called Lola's because that is the name of the huge pig in residence who you can see and feed, and sometimes she even comes out of her pen to take a dip in the ocean. This is worth a drive off the beaten path if you are in the area. You will not be disappointed.




Nepenthe, Big Sur. 

Ok, so I haven't actually eaten here. I drove by it, and we were on a timeline to meet up with some family in Santa Barbara. But look at that view! They have an incredible perch 800 ft above sea level overlooking the Pacific, and a famous burger called the Ambrosia Burger.