I remember a show down ping pong tournament at our resort where Kendall was randomly matched up with this dude wearing a red speedo. I think Kendall lost simply because of what was staring him in the face for the duration of the game. It was an unfair advantage.


My favorite memory from our honeymoon was the collective experience of 7 days of pure relaxation after such a busy season. I went from internship to engagement to getting hired for my first 32 hr a week "real" job while finishing my last full semester of college, to my senior recital, to buying a house, to marriage in 10 months. I was ready for a break. I had never been on a vacation like this before and it gave me the beach bug. Non-stop virgin pina coladas, coffee and pastries for breakfast with a view, an ocean to play in, and Kendall Feia is what I think heaven could be like.