La Chiva, Vieques.

The day we were here we only saw 1 other couple the entire time. Located on the Island of Vieques off of Puerto Rico, this beach is in the national wildlife refuge, and feels like a private paradise. There are numbered parking sections to pull off at and anchor for the day. Drive to number 11 or 12 because this is the best place to shore snorkel from (you're aiming to explore the Island in the center of this half moon-shaped beach). You can see everything here on your snorkel because the depth is perfect. We saw a massive pufferfish creeping under a rock, some stingray munching on grass, a turtle, some squid and a few jellyfish. Read more about Vieques here.

Awesome beach for: snorkeling, swimming, making out, picnics.




Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

On one end of this half moon-shaped beach the sand is soft and fine and feels like heaven. On the other end are millions of tiny crushed shells crunch under your feet and it has a european feel to it. This end has some rock formations, and is a very fun place to take in the scene. If the water is calm you can snorkel here. My advice is to hit the south end first, make out when no one is watching, and then walk to the rocky north end. 

Awesome beach for: Taking pictures, cooling off, exploring & walking, feeling like you're off the coast of Italy, breathing in paradise.




Playa Negra, Costa Rica. 

It's off the beaten path but I've never seen a sunset so gorgeous. I can't describe the perfection that this beach brings in terms of "vibes". If the waves are big, there will be 40 surfers on the break until dusk, and it's a BIG consistent wave. In town, which is TINY, you'll see monkeys hanging from the trees. Grab some pizza dinner at Kon Tiki on your way out, or hit Lola's---which is not to be missed. Read more about Costa Rica here.

Awesome beach for: Watching surfers, watching the sunset, having a drink on the beach, reading, feeling thankful.